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The “opening of the prison” in Isaiah 61:1-2 is God’s own figurative illustration of our release from bondage or imprisonment to sin, sickness and everything else that reached us through the fall. It covers every phase of our redemption and salvation. Jesus opened the prison for us by bearing our punishment. What…(Read More)

My Most Important Message On Divine Healing, by Gordon Lindsay

Gordon Lindsay was influenced by some of the most well-known healing evangelists in the last century, including John Alexander Dowie and John G. Lake. After he began organizing healing campaigns for William Branham, he started The Voice of Healing publication in 1948. As a result, the world began to see what God was doing…(Read More)

The Opening Of The Prison, by F. F. Bosworth

This is one of the most practical and powerful articles on healing that I’ve ever read. F. F. Bosworth (1877-1958) was an incredible teacher and healing evangelist with more than 200,000 documented healings. His book,Ā Christ The Healer, is one of the best theological books on divine healing that has ever been…(Read More)