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You don’t have to deny facts, but truth is greater than facts. Acknowledge them for what they are, but don’t elevate them beyond that place! You don’t have to pretend or try to ignore the facts. Then Jesus, deeply moved again, came to the tomb. It was a cave, and a stone…(Read More)

Two Guiding Principles - Jeremy Caris

I continue to grow and to be shaped by two guiding principles which have increasingly formed the core of my perspective and theology. These two things challenge me in my own walk with God and often cause me to reconsider what I believe and preach. Principle #1 The first guiding principle is this: Jesus is…(Read More)

Would King James Bible Translators Be "KJV Only" Today? - Jeremy Caris

There are some people who believe that the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is the only English translation of the Bible that can be trusted, and therefore, the only version that should be used. Some even believe that the original version, released in 1611 (KJV1611), was itself divinely inspired and infallible. People of…(Read More)

Truth and Experience - Jeremy Caris

The Bible is a collection of real-life testimonies from real people about real experiences with a real God. True life in Christ is never passive. He wants to interact with us. Truth was never meant to be isolated from experience. It is an invitation to participate with Him now by faith (Heb 4:2…(Read More)

4 Roots of Misinterpretation - Jeremy Caris

God speaks to mankind in a number of ways today, just as He always has since the days of creation. Whether it’s through the Bible or in a dream, vision, or a whisper, the language of the spirit is metaphors, like parables, related through faith. Therefore, we often have to interpret what He says…(Read More)

Not All Truth Is The Gospel Truth - Jeremy Caris

The Gospel literally means, the good news. The good news didn’t come until Jesus, the fullness of grace and truth, came and made it fully evident. He alone has perfectly revealed God’s grace and truth. While some things may be true, they are not the gospel unless they offer you freedom. If You…(Read More)