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Return To Christ Himself - Caris Ministries | Jeremy Caris & Mandy Caris

When you encounter and surrender to the living Christ, it is like you’re waking up, as if you’re coming alive for the first time. The grass is greener, the air is cleaner, and you become fascinated by the reality, the actuality, of God. You pursue Him, though you don’t know how. You…(Read More)

What Are You Afraid To Lose? Saul's Roots & Issues

Most people never intend to reproduce the downfall of king Saul; but unfortunately, many do. 1 Samuel 9 shows us that he began as a young man who was only concerned with his father’s business—his own inheritance, his very future. He didn’t begin power hungry, controlling, and hard-hearted. He only ever…(Read More)

Elitism & Humility — Jeremy Caris

Elitism has no place in the Church, except to be laid down at the altar. It must collapse every time it rises, and that collapse often comes in the form of a slow decline into spiritual dryness. It will slowly damper the voice of the Lord within until you hear less of Him and more…(Read More)

Cain Wasn't Abel, But Who Are You? - Jeremy Caris

About a year ago, my father-in-law mentioned the idea that there are two types of Christians. There are Cain Christians versus Abel Christians, and they are always “versus.” This should never be the case, but it is true when Cain Christians do not want to turn and surrender in humility before God. And…(Read More)

Will God "Just Do It" or Should We Cooperate? - Jeremy Caris

There is a notion about God which I’ve heard expressed many times, which says, “If God really wants something for me, then He’ll just make it happen.” Occasionally He does just that! Most of the time, however, He looks for us to respond to and engage with Him. God doesn’t want to…(Read More)

The Intersection to the Rest of Your Life - Jeremy Caris

From the moment you understand Jesus is the Christ, he immediately speaks plainly of the cross and begins leading you to the place of surrender into the hands of God. Every step forward into the fullness of Christ will bring you back to that place where Jesus is pointing you to the cross again. The…(Read More)

Your Greatest Purpose - Jeremy Caris

Over the last couple of weeks, the Lord has been repeatedly telling me to simplify my life. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of being busy, even with good things. It is also possible to be extremely productive and still not accomplish anything that leads you to the next…(Read More)

Fulfilling Your Prophetic Potential - Jeremy Caris

Too often, the full potential of our lives remains unfulfilled. Perhaps even you have not received the fulfillment of prophetic words which were spoken over your own life long ago. Should you continue to wait for God to sovereignly act on your behalf or should you do something yourself? The answer is this: you must…(Read More)