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What Are You Afraid To Lose? Saul's Roots & Issues

Most people never intend to reproduce the downfall of king Saul; but unfortunately, many do. 1 Samuel 9 shows us that he began as a young man who was only concerned with his father’s business—his own inheritance, his very future. He didn’t begin power hungry, controlling, and hard-hearted. He only ever…(Read More)

Elitism & Humility — Jeremy Caris

Elitism has no place in the Church, except to be laid down at the altar. It must collapse every time it rises, and that collapse often comes in the form of a slow decline into spiritual dryness. It will slowly damper the voice of the Lord within until you hear less of Him and more…(Read More)

Impart Greatness — Jeremy Caris

Impart Greatness


Jesus said we will do greater things than he did. Not only does he freely give out of his own fullness, he actually seeks out those who are totally committed to him. He searches for those into whom he may impart greatness. At the end of my life, I will have succeeded if what I…(Read More)

A Success To God - Jeremy Caris

A Success To God


Position and status, popularity and friendships, revival with miracles and wonders, mega churches and large crowds… These are not in and of themselves what defines success in the kingdom of God. Pursuing those things out of our own ambition to prove something, to prove God, or our need to feel important, in the end only…(Read More)