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The Prophet's Reward - Jeremy Caris

The prophet’s reward is the fulfillment of the prophetic word. There are two ways to receive the prophet’s reward. The first way is to do what the prophet does: trust and obey. The second is to receive a prophet as a prophet, which means that even though you haven’t heard the word…(Read More)

The Path of the Righteous - Jeremy Caris

The path of the righteous is faith. It is not walked by good intentions, self-will, or performance, but by steps of faith. The righteous become righteous because of faith. The righteous live by faith. And the righteous walk by faith. To be righteous means to be in right-standing with God. The Bible teaches…(Read More)

We tend to share what we are experiencing. Those living by God’s grace through faith experience love, joy, and peace, shining brightly with hope and possibility. They are salt and light to the world. On the other hand, those living according to laws and self-effort often try to enforce demands and judgments on…(Read More)