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Knoxville, God has not forgotten you. There are fires all across the region, many small groups, many disconnected, many disillusioned with church as they’ve known it. There are many pockets of people on fire for God, refusing to bow the knee of conformity to man-made church commercialism. There are many outcasts, hidden in…(Read More)

I love this… “There are no promises in the Lord Jesus Christ’s Epistles to the Seven Churches, except to those who ‘overcome.’ Where there is grace there will be conflict.” —Bishop J.C. Ryle Don’t be discouraged when the going gets tough. Conflict doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong place or…(Read More)

Seasons have shifted—yesterday is done and tomorrow is coming faster than you think. Many of you have felt like you’ve been on hold, but now you need to be on alert. Things will suddenly be falling into your lap. Yet at the same time, I believe there will be a separation between those…(Read More)

Prophecy, Politics, Trump, and Integrity - Jeremy Caris

I’ve had a number of people ask if i’ve seen anything concerning the presidential election. I have, but it’s complicated. And because of common misunderstandings about the prophetic, I was not planning to share anything about the elections publicly. But then I realized it’s actually a great opportunity to teach. So…(Read More)

Make Moves - Jeremy Caris

Make Moves


Over the past few weeks I keep hearing the Lord say: MAKE MOVES, START SOMETHING, GET INTO SITUATIONS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. God is looking for people in motion. “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you…(Read More)

2015 A Season of Great Grace - Jeremy Caris

As we step into a new year, I’ve been asking God for keys to the next season. It’s a time for great grace! It’s not simply that we have entered a new year on the calendar; there are also seasons in life with God. He created the times and seasons for our…(Read More)

I've Never Been Out West - Mandy Caris

I was walking in the city light, after some good food and time with a friend. A cool summer breeze whisked around me, with questioning thoughts swirling in my head. I was in a place that I knew well but I was feeling like a stranger. I heard the faint sound of music coming from…(Read More)



God is sending us to Texas! He’s been speaking to us about Texas for about a year now, stirring our hearts into a season of major personal transition, and filling us with an expectation for something big as we relocate. A Seven Year Season Let me back up for just a moment. Nearly eight…(Read More)

2013 and the Days Ahead - Jeremy Caris

As I was praying recently, God suddenly said, “Ask Me for the keys to the next two years.” Toward the end of 2011, He had said to me that hope would need to be a key message for 2012. For that reason, the message of hope has been my primary word over this past year…(Read More)