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We tend to share what we are experiencing. Those living by God’s grace through faith experience┬álove, joy, and peace, shining brightly with hope and possibility. They are salt and light to the world. On the other hand, those living according to laws and self-effort often try to enforce demands and judgments on…(Read More)

Ham exposed his father Noah in his sin and nakedness, instead of guarding his dignity as his brothers did. As a result, his generations were cursed while his brother’s were blessed (Gen. 9:20-27). Be cautious of aligning with those who feel that it’s their purpose in life or “ministry” to expose…(Read More)

Your Greatest Purpose - Jeremy Caris

Over the last couple of weeks, the Lord has been repeatedly telling me to simplify my life. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of being busy, even with good things. It is also possible to be extremely productive and still not accomplish anything that leads you to the next…(Read More)