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Fishers of Men



When Jesus called the brothers, Peter and Andrew, to follow him, they were fishing. That became their livelihood since they had not been chosen and trained among the elite of their day: scholars, teachers, and rabbis. But as they were fishing, Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” There is…(Read More)

Here’s one example of how the English translation of the Bible has allowed some to horribly misinterpret certain passages. In Exodus 15:26 it says, if you obey my commands, “I will put none of these diseases upon you…” This leaves us with the assumption that God WILL put diseases upon us if we…(Read More)

The Secret to Being Pursued by Love - Jeremy Caris

We have all heard that God loves us because He is love. But we all desperately need to feel that love, to be overwhelmed by the affections of the one who loved us so much that He gave up even his own life to have us. But how do you convince God to come to…(Read More)