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Two Guiding Principles - Jeremy Caris

I continue to grow and to be shaped by two guiding principles which have increasingly formed the core of my perspective and theology. These two things challenge me in my own walk with God and often cause me to reconsider what I believe and preach. Principle #1 The first guiding principle is this: Jesus is…(Read More)

Two Types of Knowledge - Jeremy Caris

“To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Ephesians 3:19 NKJV) Two Types of Knowledge I’ve been meditating on this scripture all week. I want to know the love of Christ which allows me to be filled with all the fullness…(Read More)

To Know God - Jeremy Caris

To Know God


To know God involves more than the simple knowledge of truth. It requires a personal and emotional experience. It depends on a mutual exchange. Truth is good, but not alone. Understanding the ways of God is good, but not enough. Knowing God is about relationship, and relationship only exists within the context of ongoing personal…(Read More)

Looking With Your Whole Heart - Jeremy Caris

It’s probably impossible to overemphasize the fact that the revelation we receive depends greatly on where we focus our gaze. We tend to see where we look to see. God gives us an incredible amount of power and responsibility over what we see. Therefore, we must seek with our whole heart (Psa. 119:2…(Read More)

Truth and Experience - Jeremy Caris

The Bible is a collection of real-life testimonies from real people about real experiences with a real God. True life in Christ is never passive. He wants to interact with us. Truth was never meant to be isolated from experience. It is an invitation to participate with Him now by faith (Heb 4:2…(Read More)