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Dreams Versus Night Visions - Jeremy Caris

While the Bible talks of both dreams and night visions, it doesn’t clearly explain the difference. I’ve heard the theory that one is more symbolic while the other is more literal. I’ve also heard that there is virtually no difference at all. However, there are distinct differences between dreams and night visions…(Read More)

7 Categories of Dreams - Jeremy Caris

There are many types of dreams and many ways we might describe or refer to our dreams. But, in my view, there are seven Biblical categories that all of our dreams fit into. I base these categories on two key scripture passages and I find support them through many years of experience. I don’t…(Read More)

2 Rules & 4 Mostly's of Dream Interpretation - Jeremy Caris

The First Rule of Dream Interpretation The first rule of interpreting dreams is that you must go to God because God is the one who interprets dreams. Joseph and Daniel are the two most well-known dream interpreters in the Bible, and they teach us that it is impossible to correctly interpret dreams without God…(Read More)