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Angels: Help From Heaven — Jeremy Caris (6 MP3 Audio Download)




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You Will Learn:

  • 5 major objections with answers concerning interaction with angels today
  • 3 reasons for our ongoing interaction with angels
  • 2 categories of angels
  • 5 types of angels
  • 8 characteristics of angels
  • 12 purposes of angels
  • 3 ways that angels relate to ministry mantles
  • 5 spheres of authority of angels
  • 11 ways angels typically manifest
  • 3 ways you may perceive angels
  • 5 keys to seeing angels
  • 5 keys to interacting with angels
  • 3 keys to activating angels in your life and ministry
  • Lessons from more than 24 personal angelic encounters

We were never meant to do this alone! There is help from heaven at every turn. Hebrews 1:14 says that angels are “ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation.” Interacting with angels is a basic reality of true Biblical Christianity! God still uses angels to fulfill His word today for the same reason that He still uses mankind—He chooses to. We are co-laboring with heaven!

Raw Biblical Truth

Do you know how to see and interact with angels? Jesus Himself gives us a simple and powerful key to seeing angels active in heaven and on the Earth. Did you know that according to the Bible, there are two categories and five different types of angels? Most angels have the appearance of men while others look more like monsters. While some angels have two, four, or six wings, most of the angels that we typically encounter don’t have wings at all. Did you know that God’s presence is escorted by angels? It is clear in the Scriptures that everywhere His presence is made evident, there are angels at work.

Real Experience

This Online Equipping School presents a clear, raw, and honest Biblical foundation in support of a spiritual subject that is often misunderstood. With scriptural truths backed up by at least two dozen personal testimonies of encounters with angels, Jeremy Caris makes it an embraceable reality for everyone who follows Jesus Christ.

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