Interpreting Dreams And Visions

Online Equipping Schools—Interpreting Dreams & Visions

Interpreting Dreams And Visions

You Will Learn:

  • Lessons from 26 dreams and night visions in the Bible
  • 4 dream-like states
  • 2 forms of dreams
  • 2 functions of dreams
  • 7 reasons God speaks to us in dreams
  • 7 general categories of dreams
  • 5 elements of a dream
  • 3 key principles of biblical dream interpretation
  • 7 common errors of dream interpretation
  • 4 “mostly’s” of dreams and other general rules
  • A 4 step model for interpreting dreams
  • A 1 step model for interpreting dreams
  • 4 ways to respond to dreams

There are many Christian resources available concerning dreams and vision today. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of teaching that is not found in the Bible, including New Age concepts and other unfounded conclusions. As with many spiritual subjects, people often justify their beliefs by their experience, but our expectations actively shape our experiences. That is why it is so crucial that we know what the Bible teaches and that we understand it through the lens of God’s purpose.

Clear Principles

While trying to learn the truth about dreams and visions for myself, I could not find a single resource that explored every dream in the Bible. If you are going to learn correctly, you need to learn know what the Bible teaches first! So I abandoned other resources and began a journey that took years to complete. I studied every dream and night vision in the Bible. As I saw clear and consistent principles emerge, I began to apply my growing understanding to my own dreams. Then over years of teaching others what I have learned, I developed this equipping for interpreting dreams and visions.

Gain Understanding

In this Online Equipping School, you will uncover what the Bible actually teaches about interpreting dreams and visions. You will discover clear Biblical patterns and principles that will help you to understand the way God communicates through dreams and visions. You will also find the tools you need to begin interpreting dreams and visions for yourself.

What Others Have Said…

“Jeremy, I have come to depend upon you for dreams and visions we have that we cannot readily interpret. The last dream you gave me an interpretation for was not only spot on, but a spiritual life saver. I’d like to bring you to our church and release you to train our folks in the prophetic. Your prophetic ministry carries a mature edge that is far beyond your years and your practical approach is refreshing.” —Bill Baldwin, Lead Pastor at Harvest Church, Albemarle, NC

“Through Jeremy’s prophetic teaching, I’ve been able to develop my understanding of dreams and visions, especially my understanding of spiritual metaphors and symbols. Understanding my dreams has been key for me and my family. It has enabled me make decisions that positioned us for spiritual, physical, and even financial blessings and increase. Acting on one dream in particular opened a door for my small business and led to a $6,000 job that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. God is good!” —Chuck Peters, CEO of

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