Advanced Prophetic & Seer Training

You Will Learn:

  • 18 simple key concepts that summarize everything you need to remember
  • 4 keys to deeper spirit realm activation
  • 3 reasons for why you see what you see
  • 3 keys to seeing with more clarity
  • 3 keys for increasing prophetic perception
  • 3 foundational principles of perception
  • 5 keys to expanding your perception grid
  • 1 verse containing 7 biblical truths to stretch your current spiritual perspective
  • 5 principles of personal spiritual gateways
  • 3 keys to re-engaging gateways in the spirit
  • 3 principles of suppressing versus shining
  • 2 keys to maintaining an open heart
  • 4 keys of proximity
  • 3 keys to exerting spiritual power
  • 3 keys to embracing an elevated perspective
  • 3 keys to the full release of spiritual power
  • 3 keys to the fulfillment of prophecy
  • 5 keys to cooperating with God
  • 4 keys to creating with God

Are you ready to shift from having moments of ministering to others through the prophetic gifts and into a lifestyle of awareness of the spiritual realm? If God has already been using you to minister using the prophetic gifts at any level, this school is sure to bring substantial additional depth to your ministry. It will increase your ability to deliberately engage the spiritual realm and activate you to bring that reality into your own life and ministry.

Beyond The Basics

Advanced Prophetic & Seer Training goes well beyond the basics of prophetic ministry, unlocking new levels of operation to you while focusing on practical, in-depth teaching, and dynamic revelatory insights. Therefore, this course assumes that you already have a functional understanding of the basics of prophetic ministry.

Advanced Keys

Over years of training and mentoring others to hear God, I came to realize that there are certain powerful keys that are extremely helpful for stepping into a more consistent level of revelation. Now, through Advanced Prophetic & Seer Training you can quickly learn these same advanced keys and expand the clarity and depth of your own prophetic ministry.

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