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  1. Thank you for being here for what I needed. I am a prophet as well, I ask for you to please hold me up in prayer,that God be glorified always.

  2. Amazing insight. Really deep and am blessed reading it. Am going to share it with my church. I pray God gives double of such wisdom and insight so I can also write to make Christ Jesus known to the world.

  3. This is very relieving. I have been a church goer and couldn’t fit in and tried different churches. I feel more comfortable to gather with people outside of church and talk about God and experience God together. This is one of the best message I have read recently. Thank God !!

  4. I’m a fresh chicken just been hatched. I attempted to share my visions with my bible study group and it wasn’t a small group. I was an emotional wreck. They were visions I had of bible story’s of a small clip backing up what God showed me and I immediately felt uncomfortable and misunderstood and had a group of four that were on the defense God had told me that I need to get past their emotions and dust it off and not let it get to me. This made alot of sense to me has to what I need to work on. Thank you so much. I really wish that there was a support group of ppl with this God given ability that have matured and those that are learning. This was my first of learning how to be obedient.

  5. Where and how then does the way we do church service today align with the ekklesia? Chairs or pews facing forward towards a pulpit with little to no interaction by the ekklesia. How does that change?

  6. i started experiencing this heaviness come upon my chest while praying, like a pressure or someone pressing into my chest and could not explain it but now i think you have explained it to be the Glory of God.

  7. Thank you Jeremy for your awesome and insightful teachings on dream interpretation. I’ve been to many of your classes and I’ve learned a lot from you. I miss seeing you and Mandy! I ran upon this sight while looking for a dream journal app. I am still paying attention to what God is saying to me in my dreams and I am always amazed! I love you guys and I hope to see you all soon! Charlotte Jones

  8. Hello, Jeremy! today is 6-30-2020, and i just found this super-wonder-full instruction! LOVED it! so many heavenly pearls and jewels of wisdom here. thx so much! just wanted to let you know this word has not fallen to the ground :} so many years later and continues to nourish and strengthen Christ’s Body…
    Blessings to you!

  9. Hello Jeremy, thanks for this article. My question is this: how does one get to experience the evidential presence. Is it something one stumbles into by chance or is there a guarantee of it with a certain degree of walk with God.
    If so, how does one walk that way with God?

  10. Hello Jeremy, how can one come to a place where the voice of the soul is completely the same as the voice of the spirit. Where one can prophesy without person al desires influencing it. I believe that a great level of yieldedness is needed. But, how do I get there? I dont know if I am correct. I dont k ow much and desire to learn

  11. I have experiences where I am wide open and can’t sleep then all of a sudden I am so deep and experience everything I dream about good or bad.
    It is as if I am out of my body can that be?
    This has been going on for awhile and a lot more f what I experience I remember

  12. Praise God brother. I have been deep in studies with ekklesia and church and I have been discouraged. “Synagoging is ok”, thank you for this perspective. I don’t have to focus on changing church, but only on things of ekklesia. The zeal of the Lord shall perform it. God bless you

  13. when i read those words “theology and wishful thinking” i laughed, it was nice to hear that presentation conveying something, i didnt have or see the words, in inspired thinking to say to myself, about what i was experiencing. it elaborates more of what ive had in my own view about the idea that prophecy in the body of messiah is way different than what it can be in some ways.

    i have an issue with dream interpretation being mostly false interpretations by most of the people who do it, and turn it in to a false prophecy afterwards about what they think the father is doing, but its based off a lieing interpretation, even if they get some aspect right at times, the overall message of what i often read is mis interpretations, they are lies and not to be trusted.

    i believe because of the lies people believe about what they think the bible teaches, and also the lies about what they think is happening in the natural, by false history and fake news it distorts their prophetic utterances, and they believe the father is saying one thing, when he has not said all or any of what they’re saying is going to happen.

  14. O’ this is a fresh baptism of inspiration on my soul. Of course a desperate quest to really understand this concept of prophet/righteous man reward is what led me finally across this by divine privilege. And I ‘ve got it, quite rewarding.
    God prosper your ministry sir, with greater unction and access to the deep things and revelation from God for human edification. more of this sort sir. Thanks. NIGERIA.

  15. Thank you for this article. It’s teaching me a lot. I have a question though. If the formula for receiving a prophet’s reward is to trust a prophet is a prophet and that the prophet’s word comes from God, to obey the prophet’s word and act on it in accordance with the prophet’s word in order to see it out to the end of its fulfillment, thereby receiving the prophet’s reward as the prophet as well receives the reward, effectively being a part of the reward itself, how can one excersise spiritual discernment when encountering false prophecy? Is it something we are to consider at each step of the journey, or are we at once from the beginning to believe or disbelieve that the prophet is who he says he is?

  16. Still powerful in 2019! I received the word of a prophet recently and heard this scripture and immediately looked it up and studied it out. This 2014 message appeared in my search and clarified for me even more. Truth! It was a now prophetic word, and I immediately received and started to work in that word with faith as if ignited! Exciting to work with the Holy Spirit and learn more and more day to day through His Word and His prophets and the other five fold ministers in our lives. Be blessed sir. SB

  17. Wow, What a great article. the levels of God’s presence, there is God’s presence with every one and the one one needs to build. Thanks for using Biblical references

  18. May FATHER continues to shower u with wisdom, knowing how to present His word with clarity, inspiration and revelations. A true prophet u are indeed. Am so blessed after reading through.

  19. Hi! I’ve been dreaming all my life but this one perticular dream I know nothing of what it is .I was dreaming about being back at the orphanage. All the old colleagues there, kids that have now grown up and girls were back at the orphanage but they were mature, like present day, with their kids. I was looking for a place for my husband (also greu up there with me) and my first-born son. I couldn’t find y them. I went in town to see and ask and as I was returning to the orphanage the sky at the left had a face, a blue face of the evil big as the sky. The sun turning blacj and sucking all the sky in. As I was running to enter the orphanage building the face appeard again in front of me, sucking in all there was, coming towards me I wanted to rebuke it Jesus name but it started sucking me in too. It was saying something like: stay out of the light, don’t go into it. I turned my back and started running but it was coming for me. It looked so real and I knew I was dreaming.

  20. GM and thank you for this teaching. I was just pondering what the Prophet’s reward is and decided to search online for some direction. Felt Holy Spirit impression in me when I read this so I know it is truth.
    The LORD bless you this day remembering all your offerings and accepting all your sacrifices, granting you the desires of your heart and fulfilling all your petitions, Amen!

  21. Due to your teaching on the different ways which God speaks to us I could easily identify the methods He uses with me. I have always dreamed and had visions (pictures that come in my minds eye) throughout my entire life. I honestly thought everyone done this and use to stop while talking to people that knew me and say ok here’s one of those dumb things I am seeing. I really thought I was just a weirdo. Dreams and visions have always been consistent however I do not always know what I am seeing or what they mean. On 2 occasions I can say I have experienced night visions. One was very recent 2/26/2019. I had the prescence of mind to be aware that this was indeed spiritual and asked the woman if this was indeed a vision. She smiled said yes and went on to say “You have created quite a stir in the heavelies since you have reentered the House (I took this to mean since I have recently come back into the church) and there is great anticipation and support from many witnesses for what you will do.” Then she handed me a calendar that looks similar to ours and I could see many dates marked. Although it was written in English I could not for the life of me understand it. Personally I think it’s because I am prophetic but I do not know how to speak the language yet. Every page turned and I knew it was full of the most wonderful times and the most tragic events for young adults down to babies. Suddenly a wind began to blow from it and I tried so hard to hold on to it but it flowed out of my hands and was gone. I was permitted to walk through the cottage where this visitation was taking place and seen some interesting things. A room in all shades of green with green plants growing right out of the walls with no dirt or pots. Each plant had a shelf which it was displayed on. There were other pretty amazing rooms but I was not allowed to stay it was time for me to walk a dirt path into a woods where I sensed I would gain more understanding. The animals all greeted me on my approach to that cottage and it was 2 women I seen but only one who communicated with me. I remember every detail about her. Her attire everything but the most interesting thing was she was black and wore brilliant white round lenses glasses. Her clothing was a mist living but in a town form. I believe she was revelation and the other that did not address me was wisdom but I had to go to the woods for understanding but would see wisdom again. I came here looking for interpretations to understand all the different things I swen and make more sense of it.

  22. Mr and Mrs Caris please pray for me. I found you while looking for biblical prophetic interpretations for dreams and visions I have. I read this piece on non-conforming and was so stirred. I was raised in the world and had no family or friends that walked with Jesus. Yet I always loved God (which I cannot fully understand why I would). I did not get saved in a church. I officially got born again at 20 in my living room in a tailor park of all places all alone. I believe I had heard a message on T.V. I can’t remember but I never forgot when Jesus touched me that night deep inside. Than I went to church. I was there 16yrs and got to witness many splits before it finally dissolved…just died. The last 8 yrs I have been living in the shadows…the outer limits so to speak and basically surviving on leftovers (old revelations about my God). I was so miserable I knew I can not live there. I just had to go back if I ever wanted to be used of God in a powerful way. All my dreams visions revelations I honestly thought were dead while sitting in the embers for 8 LONG years have become a wildfire within me. Today we became members of a new church that God supernaturally led my husband and I to. But during membership classes one of the pastors made mention of how they may open tithe and offering books to see who REALLY supports the ministry if they ever have any big decisions to make….they only want members who REALLY support the ministry. It did not “feel” right. Today after we were made official we received our (card) from the secretary with our own number to be placed on all the tithe and offering envelopes with our names. I could not help but bristle a bit. She explained it helps them with the accounting but I sensed MEASURING STICK! I am a cheerful giver and have to the best of my ability examined my own heart to see if I and being selfish in some way. It saddens me to no end to think that my love and support for a ministry could be measured by the amount and consistency I give monetarily. I am new and do not want to already be rocking the boat. I don’t know if I am a Prophetess but do know I am prophetic. I want to learn how to grow in my giftings. I feel that if I were to talk to the pastors about my concerns it would be viewed as a poverty mentality. Today was such a special day for me. I had obeyed and knew it was pleasing to God to once again be apart of His people but it was also overshadowed by the pressure to give. Please please remember me in your talks with God. From my experience in the 16years I sat in church….this is when most folks would murmur and complain to other within the church. I WILL NOT DO THAT! I am wrestling inside though because I do not believe Jesus worried about funds the way many ministries do. I know we must have money for ministry but what happened to believing that God knows as well and will provide? It is my belief that all ministers of God should be provided for with monies and shame on the people who rail against that but I do often feel that God word is being prostitutes for personal gain and His faithful suffer for it. Please give me advice if you have any. Thank you.

  23. As a young child I had a similar experience with a pocket knife my father lent me for an overnight Girl Scout camping weekend. There was a list of items we were to bring, one of them was a pocket knife. My mother told me to ask my father to borrow his. He had several, but he took the one he carried around with him daily and used frequently out of his pocket and said, Don’t lose it.” The only time I used the knife was on a walk into the woods with my troop where we were shown how to locate miss in a tree, strip bark, and make a shelter if we got lost. At the end of the trip I had everything except for my dads knife packed. I was unable to locate it and here I was without it and about to go home. I was not afraid of any punishment, but rather upset that my father would have been disappointed that I had lost his favorite knife. We went on a walk earlier that day in the woods, and that was the last place I recalled having the knife. I was distraught and begged her to let me go look for it. She told me to take another girl with me and go look for the knife. As we walked along the trail, I realized it was going to be impossible to find it on my own. I told the girl with me that we should pray for God to show us where the knife was. She agreed, we bowed our heads and I prayed sincerely for God to show where the knife was. As soon as we were done praying, that knife was in my hand. My troop leader was not impressed when she asked where I found it. I told her exactly how it happened and she thought I was lying. I did suffer because I told the truth of that testimony. Blessed are you who are persecuted for righteousness sake. It does sound crazy and made up, but it’s the God honest truth.

  24. This was very informational for me I would like to know if you were Lambano me more information because I have been call to the gift of Prophecy and I would love to Lambano more information from you to Lambano it to others by helping them because I want to get to where God wants me to get in this life and in the life to come so if you would please kindly send me more information on things like this because I love to Lambano this information and incorporate it into the field of ministry God has called me to my email address is [email protected] or Shanta Maria Preyer on Facebook I love information and I would love to get more studies and things in reference to Faith, Lambanoing it for others and myself thank you and have a blessed day I really enjoyed that word would love to learn more by Lambanoing it

  25. I really enjoyed this. I have been called to yhe gift of prophesying, do you have a website that I can study from? Can uou send a link to my email address which is [email protected], this is very helpful and informative information for. It’s a grezt help, I need you to Lambano me some of your teachings, so I can Lambano it to help me and to use it to Lambano help to others. Thank you carisministries

  26. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Many of us struggle with the same problem that you have, but few of us have the courage to admit it to ourselves or anyone else, as you have done. The Lord respects you courage.
    May God continue to provide, protect, and direct you.

  27. It is hard for me to imagine myself or anyone else reaching such a knowing and resolve with his discernment of the Holy Spirit as Paul had in that situation – amazing! What would it be like to have this type of leadership in our institutional churches today, assuming anyone would listen?
    A couple of years ago, after I heard a commentary where a teacher said that Agabus must have missed-it with his prophesy, I started looking at this situation very close and came to the same conclusion as you have. It is great to see this in print with your ministry, since I don’t consider myself a teacher or preacher. I do have a gift of modern day prophesy, but were in today’s church circles does one truly have a platform with all the wackos professing their prophesy ministries, and prideful pastors in fear of losing their limelight to someone else? I continue to pray for Godly leaders and against today’s “circus” churches.
    I look forward to your next message.
    Praise to the Lord Jesus the Christ!

  28. I just read Jeremy Caris statement on being a Non-Comformist wow did that ever resonate in me i totly agree.

  29. I have been increasingly becoming this way over the last year. My issue is that I’ve been growing increasingly impatient when it comes to talking theology with others who take a more ‘religious’ (legalistic) approach (basically almost everyone I go to church with lol). It has gotten to the point where it’s very difficult for me not to cop an attitude and simply state the facts of Grace when someone insists something that’s just not true, specifically in the areas of our identity and/or whether or not the law is applicable in the life of the Christian (just last Sunday at church, a friend insisted that the old man isn’t dead and that our behaviors absolutely play a role in our justification. The sad truth is that most of the church would agree with this, or at the very least they feel this way even if they don’t know how to articulate it). Basically, I couldn’t handle it, I told him, “That’s ridiculous. No offense, but it’s ridiculous to think that you’re some strange hybrid of both righteous and wicked, and even more ridiculous that you think Jesus’ works weren’t enough for you that you have to add to it. I’ve got to go, my family is waiting on me to go to lunch…” I didn’t get into an argument with him or anything. I’m just not interested in that. I simply got irritated, plainly stated the truth, and walked away. A couple of days later I heard John Crowder say something that was helpful. He expressed how he feels when he hears people talk like that and he will blast them (for lack of a better word… I don’t think he used the word blast though lol), and he said he knows the reason he feels so strongly about it is because that’s how Jesus feels about it, although he, unlike Jesus, struggles with knowing when to speak and when not to speak. That’s pretty much where I’m at. This blog post was also very helpful. I’m not trying to use it as an excuse to be rude to people, by any means, it’s just helping me understand why I’ve been feeling the way I’ve been feeling lately.

  30. It would be nice to move in a calling sometime soon. I am not wanted at home. I have not slept in a bed in 4 months. I have slept on a couch too small. My stuff is scattered between 4 places.

  31. Jeremy – The patience with others that you demonstrate with your replies is nearly more than I can comprehend. Without getting churchy, how do you keep from burning out?

    • A decent response to that question would be an entire book in itself! But if I summarized it in one phrase, I guess, I’ve learned to reject churchy pressure and false obligations. That is a huge part of it.

  32. What specific ways and responsibilities does a prophet of God have pertaining to his/her office that are required beyond a person who only prophecies. I sincerely believe that I have been anointed to the office of prophet but am unable to pin down what I just asked. Due to this lack of knowing, I am unable to sort out what I should hang on to, or not, which seems to causes a lot of frustration and wasted effort.

    • Good question! While there are differences, I should make it clear that pursuing a list of things and responsibilities also does not make a prophet, or even fulfill the call of a prophet. There are things and responsibilities that are definitely different, just as there is a difference between the priesthood of all believers through Christ, and the fulfillment of the calling of a pastor. Those difference play out in the course of obedience to one Voice, not in the attempt to follow a checklist or something of that sort. That being said, I may cover some of those responsibilities in a future blog. But if you want more now, I teach on it extensively in the School of the Prophets, year one.You can get that by clicking here.

  33. Yes, that does release me from a burden for certain churches. Thanks for sharing this. This is so helpful in understanding where my calling isn’t.

  34. Was hoping to hear the reply for Andrew dream it seems deep. His testimony is a blessing.

  35. Very clear, very well laid out . I have heard parts of this taught in the near past, but never this complete or plain. Thank you, sir! I missed March and April Saturday morning teaching. When will they be available? Many blessed!

  36. Very clear outline and direction for bringing together the body of Christ across those hard denominational lines. Thank you for your work.

  37. Well stated Man of God! Please let me know when the teaching from Saturday April 15th will be available.

  38. Hi Jeremy,

    I switched from atheism to Jesus three years ago after my brain was turned upside down by a prophetic lady. Shortly after this experience I had a dream where a female angel (I’m assuming angel but can’t tell for certain) asked me if I was good at math. I said yes and she asked if I could add 9 & 7. I said yes it is 16 and she said “ahh you are 111”. Then she brought me to a rotating machine that looked like a carousel and had the number 111 stamped on it. She took my body and moved it in and out of the machine saying something along the lines of “when you go in forwards it heals this and then when you go in backwards it heals that”. As I came out of the machine some sort of energy came into my chest and I woke up with a shock. Not a bad shock, just a ‘wow what was that’ shock. I knew the numbers were significant but of course 16 & 111 can mean an enormous variety of things. Since then I have married a Christian wife who often receives accurate interpretations for the dreams I have, but God has not revealed the meaning of this dream to her. If you have time to pray over this and if you feel the Lord gives you an interpretation, I would be open to hearing it.

    Appreciate your time and may God continue to bless you.


    • I do not believe this is a “God” dream. It is a good example of why we need to learn to understand our dreams, because not all of the dreams we have are messages from God that need an interpretation. There are many other types of dreams as well. I hope to publicly release more training for understanding your dreams in the future with more of an explanation, but unfortunately for now it’s too much to explain in one reply.

  39. Humility is the door through the ceiling……
    um, YES! What an incredible dream and illustration of journeying with God through systems that God uses, but also trusts us to take real courage and travel with Him in His way. There is a price but the incredible shattering of man-made ceilings is such a reward!
    Thanks Jeremy

  40. Am I understanding it correctly, when I take the words, He that receiveth a Prophet, it isn’t saying I’m to take or believe the words of the prophet, though if he is a prophet and he hears from God, they (the words) will come to pass whether I believe his words or not. Jesus is a prophet, he is prophesying he will come again, his coming again whether I believe the words or not. Back to receiving him, I interpret this as accepting him, having a attitude of accepting him. One of love and acceptance. In Luke 4 Jesus gave his first sermon, and they at first received him and his gracious words, then someone from the audience said…..Oh is this not Joseph’s son ? Jesus went from deity to being a normal person. Saying Joseph’s son, was obviously taking away the miraculous virgin birth. Jesus knowing the disrespect, now shown him, which equalls not receiving him….Caused him to put them in their place, by the next two stories he gave, thus upsetting them even more so they wanted to throw him off a clif….I’d say that’s not receiving him….it is this attitude, that will shut down future miracles, the opposite is also true, receive the prophet, and the prophetic gift is release in a greater way, because rejecting the prophet, will at the same time shut down, the gifts,,,because it says grieve not the Spirit. And when you treat a prophet that way…God won’t cause the prophetic to flow as much….Many churches would be blessed more if they treated the pastors with more respect…honoring them….that’s why later Jesus said he could not to many nights works in certain places, because of hem not receiving him welcoming him showing warmth and love,

    • The question addressed in this post is not what it means to receive a prophet so much as, “What is the prophet’s reward?” The prophetic gift is a gift, not a reward.

    • true, the prophetic gift is a gift not a reward….but if you don’t receive the prophet, then you won’t receive the gift. Because as Jesus told his disciples if they don’t receive you, leave…I’m not trying to argue your point, please forgive if it seemed that way. But it seems to me you can’t remove this truth in the. Full equation. There are your censationist, who won’t give a time a day for the gifts of the Spirit, they miss out.

    • Correct… the whole point of the article (which is “What is the prophet’s reward) rests on that very condition. If you don’t receive them, you don’t receive anything through them. But, that being understood… if you do receive them, what is the reward? I glad you agree with the point you are highlighting, which is a foundational point from the opening paragraph: “There are two ways to receive the prophet’s reward. The first way is to do what the prophet does: trust and obey. The second is to receive a prophet as a prophet…”


  41. this article is so good helps me make a lot more sense out of listening and applying prophesy thank you so much :) bless you loads

  42. Hi Jeremy! Thankyou for this message. When you gave it at Living Waters, I was in transition from a church where I just didn’t fit anymore. I thought it was me. Holy Spirit guided me through and now I am where I feel I am supposed to be and it really was a gentle transition. Relistening to this message today made it all so clear. Thanks for the encouragement you gave me in the middle of it. I am looking forward to Friday night and Saturday!

  43. I love your combination called as a prophet gifted as teacher…would love to learn from you more about prophesy ….am gifted as a teacher and I teach in Sunday school…but I also received prophesy that am a prophet but I don’t know how to yeild so I don’t function in that office…don’t know if an also gifted as a prophet or called as a prophet…really need a miracle…thanks sir

  44. Thank you Jeremy for such a clear and direct revelation and teaching on this subject.
    I have encountered this situation twice in the last 8 years. It is heartbreaking especially coming from those that profess to be Christians, those you look up to, admire, trust and love.
    After much prayer and fasting I am reminded in Scripture (and from your class) that there will always be Judas in our lives. Therefore, my focus has to be on spending time in the Word and in Father’s Presence. It’s the only way to keep a humble and servants heart after disappointment.
    Blessings to you and your Family and to your Ministry. Looking forward to learning more in your classes and always looking forward to spending time with Jesus!

    • Correction:
      …a Judas in our lives. And as Jesus loved him beyond what He knew about him our response should be the same. We should love them and pray for them that Holy Spirit would do a work in their heart.

  45. great update and teaching – Removing the veil from the prophetic. Makes the scripture
    Rev 19:10, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” more alive and experiential.

  46. Thank you Jeremy for this wonderful insight. This why many are not sure of their salvation when they fail to “lambano” it and receive the forgiveness of sin which Jesus Christ paid in full with His precious blood fir them

  47. I’ve served in a handful of churches over the past twenty years and all of them have the same personalities and politics that I have found in the workforce. The organized church in America is no different from the world.
    I have accepted that and set my boundaries accordingly.

  48. Uncovering the power of this deception that lurks in the church is a big deal. Thank you Jeremy for exposing the truth.
    As one who has journeyed out of the bondage of narcissism, personally, I want to encourage everyone not to judge in your heart, but to be led by the Spirit as you see these things in the lives of others.
    In the lives of others, God would say “love them through this, and out the other side.”
    In my life I was tortured by it, and I didn’t know what it was. God set me free, and now I have meaningful relationships, and I can be raw and real with people even if it’s not pretty or spiritual.
    I only share this because I have compassion on those who suffer, who can’t form godly relationships, who have severe insecurities and believe terrible lies about themselves, mainly that they are unloved, and unlovable.
    Please have compassion on those you see with this issue, and speak love into there lives…

    • Chuck, that is a great response. Jeremy, thank you for bringing clarity to this issue. I believe most of us that read this have had personal experience with family, friends and/or church. I have a strong sense of Holy Spirit pouring out the New Wine; finding too many old wineskins. This would be one of the reasons. Awareness is key to being able to gain wisdom and understanding. Your blog has surely done that, and in a Christ-like manner. Let it be so for me. Thank you Jeremy!
      Rom 2:4 Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? Does this mean nothing to you? Can’t you see that His kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?

    • I wanted to add this from Rick Joyner’s Word for the Week, as he has been sharing from the Book of Revelation.
      “The church’s tendency to seek authority or approval from men is at the root of the greatest corruption of Christianity in history. Maybe this is why the Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians1:10, “If I were still seeking the approval of men I would not be a bondservant of Christ.” We cannot serve two masters. To the degree that we seek the approval of men we will forfeit being a bondservant of God, and only bondservants can understand the Revelation.”

  49. Great Revelator Encouraging
    word. I need to mature and not walk away when people don’t recognize me or the word He is speaking.

  50. Wonderful word and testimony, Jeremy. I love you and Mandy and know the Lord is using you in a mighty way. There is such maturity in your words.
    When you need a rest, remember Parson’s Rest.

  51. Sir, I am Pastor Daniel Samuel. I have been experiencing recurring dream for 17yrs now. It just stopped last month. I saw the Man of God on whirlwind like Elijah to heaven. And since then I have not seen him again. I do see him every week in my dream. He want me to succeed him as Head Pasttor of his church, I always say no, bec I too have a covenant of a mega church. In 2013, I told him I have accepted in my dream. I wrote letter to him, no reply in the physical before the dream stopped.
    Please, explain to me sir.

    Pst Daniel Samuel

    • Recurring dreams usually continue as long as the dream is relevant and until they are fulfilled, no longer possible, or out of your control. In other words, they may continue until the dream has come to pass or accomplished its purpose in you, until you make choices that change the course of your life so that it no longer leads to the fulfillment of that dream, or until you take action that takes the next move toward the fulfillment out of your hands. In this case, there is no longer anything for you to do to cooperate with the dream at this time. It is no longer in your hands.

    • I am grateful for the interpretation, but it did not come in full page for me to read all. I couldn’t figure your explanation well. I really want it in full. You can sent it to my Email address: [email protected].
      I want to bless God for the gift of Interpretation of dreams; and the way you explained the differences between Biblical Visions, Night Visions, Trances and Dreams. You are excellent on that, because I do have them too.
      Grater Grace and more Anointing upon you sir.
      Pst Daniel from Nigeria.

  52. Ya know, the sad thing is, is that you are right. I do often fear what people are ginger to think if I were to share something with them that I saw in a vision, it happens often , but the sad thing is, is hat when I do yield to the Lord and allow Him to move and speak through me, it’s exact everytime.

    I appreciate your words and confirmation of what I deal with form time to time, and yes it is difficult with this gift, and ability, because you hear so much more than most do. God had very recently been dealing with me on this and it’s amazing I will admit, right now I have to sit and listen to Him, and for Him and not argue just obey.

  53. Great teaching Jeremy! …I love how you deal with some confused individuals in your comments.. :-) (leave no wiggle room!)

  54. What timing, what confirmations, what great words sewed together that brings another layer of life unveiled and realized..!..
    Thank you, and bless you and your ministry.

  55. this is so well presented Jeremy – the two sides of something beautiful and powerful which tend to trip us up. Awareness is half the battle.

  56. amen man of God i really love you to mentor me more in the prophetic and teaching.i belive God appointed me to be a teacher and a seer,but all the same iam dedicating my time to learn first before i wholly function in the office of a prophet.
    may you please reply me if i can continue to learn and you mentor me
    iam in Zimbabwe +263783169050
    thank you prophet

  57. waal thats the real principles that i belive many prophets are ommiting,iam blessed and iam lerning a lot
    i wish i can continue to learn mo and mo and mo

  58. I like the sharing as it is down to earth yet connected to christ and covers the whole spectrum adequately right. I was glad to read this before I call for the night. Praises be to God and to you both Pastors. Amen!!

  59. Thank you, Pastor Jeremy. I pray we will meet one day. You remind of the Lord in Ben Hur and i, Ben Hur in thirst of the Living Water.

  60. I was looking for an answer to what a prophets reward ment,because I have always believed in giving when I heard a prophets instruction.
    I would check to see if what he was saying was scriptural. Resently doubt had come over me. Thank you for this easy to understand arrival. I have no doubt anymore. Giving has not been in vain.Thank you.?

  61. I needed this today…I feel so alone in this world, [I know with the Most High I am never alone], however I have no one who relates or understands my experiences in this world. Thank you for this “word”.

  62. WOW! That is so true!! You have presented it so clearly. I am always amazed when I say to myself after reading a truth like this – it’s so simple!!! Why, oh why, must we complicate the Truth. Bless you!!! Thank you.

  63. I have had many people in ministry proclaim if the word a Prophet gives to you comes to past, you must reward them with a tangible gift like money. I totally disagree. You can give of course but they insist that people are sinning if they do not specifically give to them. How can I intelligently explain through scripture tat that is greed and carnality? I did remind them of what happened to Gehazi went he sought a reward after Elijah refused it. Thanks for your excellent article. I will definitely share this!

  64. Oh such a timely word and so true! I am an evangelist and have not been accepted by ANY church to use my gifts. I cannot wait on those who cannot decern or who are insecure. I too and called to equip the body and have started my own teaching webinar and will be starting home groups to equip the body and activate their gifts as we evsngelize on the streets. The sheppards are going to be hrld accountable for not equipping the saints! Now God sends me in to churchs to pray over pastors and get them delivered its really amazing what God needs His body to go do! Bless you Jeremy for speaking truth! Serving Him, Kelly Bryant

    • I would like to know more about your teaching webinars i.e. when are they starting, and how I can access them.
      Thank you.

  65. All of G_D’s gifts have a reward, not all rewards are the same. Are all prophets? Are all teachers? If you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, you will receive a prophets reward! You will in turn be used by G_D as a prophet and at the end receive a prophets reward! Why so much confusion?

    • If I understand you correctly, you believe that if you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, then God will use you as a prophet? Unfortunately, that’s neither biblical accurate or experientially true. Respectfully, that’s the most completely unique misunderstanding of the passage that I’ve ever heard.

    • First of all, I want to make it clear that you don’t miss the principle being brought into focus. You can receive of who someone is, what they carry, and what they have access to, and what they have earned based on how you receive them. But, to answer your question specifically, here are the first two passages that come to mind. The first passage in Colossians presupposes that a believer has already received Jesus as God, as He is.

      Colossians 2:6-10 (ESV Strong’s) Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord (see Strong’s Concordance entry below), so walk in him, 7 rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. 8 See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. 9 For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, 10 and you have been filled in him, who is the head of all rule and authority.

      g2962. κύριος kyrios; from κῦρος kuros (supremacy); supreme in authority, i.e. (as noun) controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title): — God, Lord, master, Sir.

      The second passage is John chapter one. I will skip sections of it just to better highlight the points pertaining to your question.

      John 1:1-18 (ESV Strong’s) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men… 9 The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. 11 He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. 12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, 13 who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. 14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. … 16 For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. (this speaks to the principle I am illustrating in the article) … 18 No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father’s side, he has made him known.

      If you prefer, the KJV says, “1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” So Jesus, the Word, was with God (at the Father’s side, vs. 18), and yet He was also God. And, “18 No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” So Jesus is God, and therefore you must receive Him as God to come to God. But verse 12 clearly illustrates my main focus in the sentence you refer to in your question: “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” That is to say that those who receive Him as God become children of God—they receive the Father also. And also, from His fullness we have all received. Salvation itself is to receive by grace and faith what only Christ has been able to earn as a reward.

  66. As a prophetess this makes things clearer. My husband has received me as a prophetess and many miraculous rewards have taken place. I’d share with him what God would tell me, and he’d prepare, “in faith” for it to come to pass.

  67. For me its the more that i use the gift in obedience, the more the Lord uses it, or even gives me more detailed visions, speaks to me directly, or in His word. I have no real idea if there is a reward per say for this ability, but i am held to a much higher account than most. The more that i am obedient to what i have been shown, the more lives that are changed by what i see, the more difficult life and uncertain life becomes for me and my household, but He has shown me that was going to happen as well, i hope that makes sense.

  68. Sunday was a wonderful time in The Spirit. The Judas msg was so good. Yesterday I listened to a msg about the Judas spirit by Kris Vallaton! I heard it n 2 places in 1 week. Must be important. Thanks for what you do Jeremy.

  69. Hey Jeremy, I enjoyed reading your comments as an ex catholic living in the west coast of Ireland I have being forced to learn about Catholicism baptised a Catholic and followed the other traditions of men as Jesus said in Matthew 15 in vain do they worship me with mass traditions my testimony is I’m now 32 when I was 27 I was born again I started to go to mass more often when I was in my mid twenties but after I would go to mass I would hit the pubs and clubs it was a hypocrite lifestyle it was all outward nothing inward I prayed to statues Mary all in ignorance of what God’s precious word says in Psalm 115 and like it says there is only one mediator between God and men The Lord Jesus Christ. I recently was part of an outreach not far from my home people are in darkness with one home I saw outside having a shrine to Mary this land Ireland is full of beliefs in superstitions etc the good news is people are getting saved here I love catholic people but they need to read the truth they live in fear of anything outside the Catholic Church as wrong they need to look at the word of God Jesus will set you free when you simply ask with sincerity. God Bless xxxx

  70. This is very dear and important to me. “Prophets who see through our process is key” Thanks!

  71. Love your definition of Prophetic Process towards the end of this teaching Jeremy. Puts it all together well. Thank you

  72. Jim, first let me apologize for my rough start in my initial post. It gets frustrating at times answering some of the same criticisms over and over again. But first, on the question of Papal Infalibility. No, the Pope is a man and is falible. Christ was the only perfect man to have been born of a woman. Perhaps the title throws many people off.
    Let me give you a quote on this from the book used by adults coming into the church (RCIA). This book is derived from the Cathechism. Infalibility: “This is the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church whereby the pastors of the Church–the pope, and bishops (magisterium) in communion with him–can definitively proclaim a doctrine of faith and morals, which is divinely revealed for the belief of the faithful. This gift flows from the grace of the whole body of the faithful not to err in matters of faith and morals. The pope teaches infalibly when he declares that the teaching is ex cathedra, that is he teaches as supreme pastor of the church.”
    Note it says supreme pastor. As pope he is the so called chairman of the board of all the cardinals and bishops. He does not act alone. He confers with all these learned men. When he uses this infalibility, it is in speaking as the chief pastor on a matter of doctrine. It has nothing to do at all with him being infalible. It has only been done twice in the history of the church. In the catholic church we never trully act alone–even the pope. We are a communion of saints. Members of a body with Christ as its head, and the Holy Spirit and saints to help us.
    Now the Church has made mistakes over the years. It has worts. That is becaus we are just men, and sinful. But over time, by enlightenment, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and good shepards of the church, we correct our errors.
    Some of the negative comments were about quotes by Pope Pius the IX and a couple of other Piuses. So, what was going on at the time of these writings? Oh yes, the Protestant Reformation. The church was one church for centuries. During the Protestant Reformation the church felt itself losing ground and membership. There was also a lot of violence between Catholics and Protestants. Thousands died on bothe sides. Under these mounting pressures the church responded with the Council of Trent. This council did some good, but also some bad with an overaching reaction to church loses. But the church became smaller, stronger, and then began to grow again with new evangeliztion across the world. Since the Council of Trent we have had the reforms of Vatican II. You should read that document, Jim. They even had some Protestan leaders give advice on Vatican II.
    One key difference between Catholic and Protestant is this. If you read back through your response you will notice this” “I think this. I feel this. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe that. When the Catholic Church speaks, it does not speak as an individual. Seldom, if ever will you hear I. It speaks as a body.
    CCC 669 “As Lord, Christ is also head of the Church, which is his body.” After his ascension he left Peter and the other Apostles as the shepards of His church. This leadership office did not die with them. They laid hands on and annointed the next generation of Bishops, and on down the line until today. Pope’s are not kings. They know and realize they are servants of God’s church, His kingdon on earth, Have you seen the Pope washing feet as Jesus did to the Apostles.
    You see as Catholics we are a communion of saints. We have a whole host around us, the angels and saints in heaven, the church leaders and lay people on earth, the Holy Spirit. We don’t speak in terms of I.
    It is important to be able to submit to church authority. Most of us don’t like to submit. St. Benedict had a lot to say on this. By submitting you are removing the self importance of I, and letting Christ in as ruler. There are more than 30,000 denominations now. That is a lot of people interpreting Scripture for themselves, thinking they have the answers, the right way to interpret the Bible, and starting another church. That’s a lot of division for the one church.
    Many of the issues you see today, things brought up and debated between Catholics and Protestants, have all happened in the past within the confiness of the Catholic Church. If you study church history you see that Tetullian of Carthage in the second century followed a gropu called the montanists. They believe God still spoke directly to them and them alone. They were preaching for a stricter church. They didn’t want those who had denied Christ during the Roman persecutions in order to save their lives (the lapsi) to be able to come back into the church. They felt it would be an insult to the martyrs. Tertullian even became stricter than the montanists, brokw witth them and with Rome, and formed the Tertullianist church group. After his death they were eventually brought back into the church by St. Augustine.
    Well this is getting long. I would encourage you to read the early church fathers. Some of my favorites are St Cyprian of Carthage as well as Tertullian. Even though he broke from the church the church still values many of his teachings. St Ignatius of Antioch, St. Clement of Rome(became 4th Pope). Origen of Alexandria, St. Jerome, and even some modern ones like St. John of the cross and Teresa of Avila. There is such a wealth and richness of the faith in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. It is sad that the church has become so divided when we all serve and pray to the same God, and believe in his Son Jesus. I wonder what the Apostles must be thinking about all the division? I could give you an entire list of interesting works to read. You know I didn’t even consider the Catholic Church for decades, because growing up in New England I saw so many bad acting Catholics. But then I learned to turn the mirror on myself, and not to worry about judging others.
    Now, as a member of the Catholic Church it often pains me to see it attacked. But I’ve come to realize God created the entire universe. He is big enough to defend Himself and His Church. He doesn’t even need my feeble attempts at defense. I hope this is all helpful. I could say so much more.

  73. From the perspective of someone who has spent a bit of time looking into this, there are red flags all over the supposed “Unity”.

    First, there is the supposed “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification” (JDDJ) which supposedly some Catholic Bishops and some Lutherans agreed on, supposedly claiming they have put the protestant reformation behind them. The issue with unity with the Catholic church is that a document such as the JDDJ or any other such document is not “canon law”, as regard the Catholic church goes.

    The doctrine of the Catholic church as regards the protestant reformation is found in the Council of Trent, and the anathemas listed there. Unless and until the “anathemas” of Trent are rescinded, there is no unity with the protestants, period. A brief sampling of these anathemas (Anathema simply means “eternally accursed”).

    Canon 12: CANON 12: “If any one shall say that justifying faith is nothing else than confidence in the divine mercy pardoning sins for Christ’s sake, or that it is that confidence alone by which we are justified . . . let him be accursed”

    Canon 14: Canon 14: “If any one saith, that man is truly absolved from his sins and justified, because that he assuredly believed himself absolved and justified; or, that no one is truly justified but he who believes himself justified; and that, by this faith alone, absolution and justification are effected; let him be anathema.”

    There are many others. Canon 33 says that if anyone disagrees with the doctrines set forth in it, they are also anathema. Not endorsing the site, but a good list of scriptures against some of these can be found at:

    On the protestant end of things, however, it doesn’t get much better.

    Protestants love to (mis) quote John 17:23, that they might be brought to complete unity so that the world may know that God has sent Jesus… Completely missing the point, the only reference to “unity” in John 17, including v23, is a “vertical” unity between God and man. Jesus said, “That they may be one, even as you and I are one”. This “one” is the same Greek word that Jesus used when He said “I and the Father are one”. Much to the chagrin of the Trinity deniers, if one were to say that the Son was the same person as the Father, then here he would be praying that we would be the same individual person as the Father, just like He was. It’s the same word in the Greek.

    But, the false unity supporters love to say that, somehow, this was the last great prayer of Jesus (that of course must be fulfilled before “something”). But, what is being tossed around a cry to a “horizontal” unity, which while admirable, has nothing to do with Jesus’ prayer in John 17. John 13:35 talks about them knowing we are His disciples by our love “for one another”, but Christ’s prayer in John 17 is about oneness, union with God… First, through the infilling of the Spirit in our innermost man… Second, as we lay down our self-life into complete and perfect union with the Father and the “salvation of our souls”, as Peter put it.

    Any leader who would kiss a koran, post videos about how all faiths lead to Christ, or even wash the feet of unbelievers in the spirit in which this pope did has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity.

    The current leader (pope) does not define the catholic church, the canon law does. Whoever submits themselves to someone, they are a slave to obey. Much like how Britain thought joining the EU would be benign, they find now they lose their sovereignty as more laws are passed by Brussels without any democratic process. So too, anyone who submits to this pope, or the catholic organization will find themselves submitted to what? The council of Trent. What seems like a benign gesture of Christian “unity” is a power grab. The same pope that is meeting with the leaders of the Charismatic church this month met with the heads of Google and Apple a couple months ago.

    This has nothing to do with Christian unity, although “unity” may be involved.

  74. I am a former Protestan now Catholic. Where do you guys get this stuff? Thes are total falsehoods about the church that you are spreading. I have studied religion and history all my life. That is what brought me to thre Catholic church. You are twisting words and spreading falsehoods. In the early days there was only one church, and catholic meant the universal church. This term was first used by I believe Tertullian of Carthage. So of course to be seperated from the catholic church meant you were outside the only church. St Cyprian of Carthage also has a lot to say about church unity. The Cathechism of the church also teaches 846-848 also teaches that people striving to know God andof good heart may be saved. The cathechism was started very early on by the Apostles, and was expanded over the years by the leaders of the church. The Bible itself was put together by a council of the church in the early 4th century. They combined the Old Testament with the many letters and Gospels floating around among the believers that were genuine.
    As far as the Pope being God–rubbish. That is not at all what is taught. He is the successor of St. Peter. Christ gave Peter the keys to the kingdom. In Christ’s earthly absence, Peter was to lead his church, in communion with the other apostles. He is a first among equals. When the king is gone the prime minister leads the followers. That was Peter’s job. He is representing Christ while he is gone, nothing more. This job has been handed down from Peter, to St. Clement of Rome, and on and on down the line. That’s not to say there have not been some bad Pope’s. But the truth of the church carries on regardless. The Catholic and Orthodx lungs of the church are now working very hard to reunify. There is no reason a Patriarch in Constantinople cannot sit in Rome as Bishop and vice versa. The church, though one, has been divided through human weakness. We are now working hard to reunite her. The Pope does not act alone in leadership. There is an entire group of church leaders called the college of cardinals he confers with before making any decisions. There is a danger in one person picking up a Bible and deciding he has the only true interpretation of it, and that God speaks to him alone. This is why there are over 30,000 denominations the last time I looked about 2006. That’s a lot of schism and at least 30,000 or more individuals having their own interpretation of the Bible. The Catholic church is big and makes a big target for people. But there is so much good done by this church that never gets talked about. We do read Scripture, but don’t try to say by ourselves this is what it means an start a new church. “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ .” St. Jerome. We have a 2,000 year history, full of saints and mystices and healers right inside the universal church. We are a community, a communion of believers, the body of Christ. We don’t act alone and interpret for ourselves the things of God. I wonder if this post will stay up. I do pray for unity because God called us to one faith and one church. He called us to grace, love, and forgiveness–not to divisiveness.

    • Thanks for your comment. I posted a reply in the blog itself because of the length limits for comments. I simply can’t address all of your concerns within the limits allowed in the commenting system. Also, I have received a number of private messages and emails that are very similar to yours, so I think it would be helpful to include my reply where people will see it immediately after reading the blog post.

  75. Thank you Man of God for all your Revelatory word you have given,for truly I have received. When I was all your post,I said the Lord must now I needed this encouragement, Out of your belly has flowed rivers of living water,I thank the Holy Spirit for filling you up to pour out,May he replenish your Spirit,God Bless your Ministry. And your family.

  76. This is amazing! As I thought I was the only one who did this. For some reason I would practice my faith in this same way.

    Last year, my job moved to a new joint location with another agency where there was literally no parking available after 8am until about noon. Kind of like malls at Christmas time. Moreover, because of how far my commute was, inaddition to fighting DC traffic, getting there that early was impossible.

    So instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, I simply started practicing my faith for God to provide for me. Getting to work was a requirement and being able to park my car at my job was a need.

    So I started to ask God for a spot 30 mins to an hr before I got to work (gave Him space to work) and started thanking Him for providing that spot for me while expecting a spot to be there by the time I got arrived.

    9 times out of 10, a spot would be right up front waiting for me. For the times there weren’t anything available, I would circle around thanking Him for providing me a place to park and within 10 mins something usually opened up.

    It was small but produced tremendous results. Its was like weightlifting, I had to to train my way up to heavier lifting. Great article!

  77. Did you contact the Prophet and talk to him? It’s important that we communicate with each other in love as members of God’s family in order to be healthy.

    • No, since the focus of the post has nothing to do with the prophet who wrote the article. As stated, “The part that disturbs me is that I quickly realized how many people have no idea why we cannot have unity with the Pope.”

    • Thank you for clarifying…asked my husband to read the blog for his opinion…he didn’t see what I thought I saw…my apologies

  78. Thank you for bringing this up. One of the leaders that attended is someone I hold in very high regard and I was very surprised at the way they were talking about the Pope. I feel the same, we are to honor all men but this last comment by the Pope really bothered me. We cannot blur the lines and sometimes our unity could pass for agreement and I am in no way in agreement with the teachings of the Catholic Church. I have met a few truly born again Catholics as well. I think we need to be very discerning in these days, full of love, but not discounting the truth. Bless you and thank you for speaking up!

  79. Yikes! I had no clue the facts on this… a lot of my family are Catholics … no wonder they dont go the extra step into salvation because they go to the priest who is under the Pope. interesting!
    Love you Jeremy!

  80. Thank you Jeremy for this post. I read the same article you did and was struck by the same thoughts you laid out here.

    You may have also heard of the gathering in July in Washington D.C. called Together16 at . I am sure this will be a great event and I pray it brings forth good fruit for the Kingdom of Christ. I understand the Pope will be speaking there via live feed as well. It seems to me there is a concerted effort to court not just the evangelicals but also the charismatics among the Protestents.

    There is some other commentary over at that is interesting as well.

    I stand with you on let’s see how we can work together for the true Gospel furthering only His kingdom but let’s not deceive ourselves in the process.

    The great need in this hour is discernment and that doesn’t come just by prayer but also by studying the Word and exercise.

  81. I can’t stop heaving. This is powerful truth. This might just be the missing link for me between receiving the prophetic word and seeing manifestation. Thank you so much Sir. God bless you for this.

  82. Wow!! I have truly been blessed by your revelation!! I would love to continue to have access.

  83. This. SO so good and so resonates with my own journey. In recent months He has said two words: higher and deeper. And then He has proceeded to show me the how and why of it. The love of Christ compels us. Bless you. Thank you. Further up and further in!!

  84. I love the simplicity and the practical aspect of this post. It is “challenging” but doable…. thank you for these little nuggets of the “how-to” as it applies to setting our eyes on Jesus The Author and Finisher of our faith!!

  85. Yes, it has been my experience also. It is very encouraging to hear that you understand and recognize it and that you are committed to seeing and allowing growth to the full potential of your brothers and sisters in Christ without putting a ceiling and/or a harness on them….there is only One we are to be yoked with….and His yoke is easy and His burden light… and in that common yoke only is where we effectively work and benefit the Kingdom together! I am thankful for the heart that Abba has given to you and Mandy! ?

  86. years ago I had a dream of myself and other Christians climbing a stairway to the upper room at the bottom the stairs were wide and the crowd pushed forward but the stair kept getting narrower and the wall moved in and were rough…people began to stop climbing but some of us kept pushing forward and by the time we reached the top not many entered the room but those of us who did had scraped arms from the rough narrow walls… the elevator dream reminds me of this one

  87. I thank you very much for your word of encouragement to keep pressing in,no matter what I just lost my son March 12th of last month and I didnt know how to move on and not feel guilty, but I’m not living for him,I’m living for Jesus Christ my father and keeper of my soul,may the Father continue to Bless your Ministry,as you continue to fight the good fight of Faith,Blessings to you Beloved of God.

  88. Thank you for sharing this…..this gives people fuel…spark…..spunk to stay the course no matter the cost!

  89. Wow… me girl!!! I have done the same thing for years and needed to feel useful as well only to find God was not priority, but the church duties and others were…..oh how messed up this was for sure! No more! I know having a treasurer etc is a must, but someone else can have it all. All this time I thought I may the only one, but after reading this, I know better. Thanks for being REAL!

  90. Jeremy,
    This is a strong word so rooted in truth that it must open hearts to the work of Christ that finished our bondage. I first heard you preach/teach in Knoxville and knew, then, you had a great calling. Thank you for this post.
    I am a testimony to the truth you teach herein. You might enjoy my book, “Slam the Door on Cancer” as it is a story that illustrates what you teach in this post. It’s on Amazon or I will send you one if you give me an address.

  91. Such an inspiring message Mandy. I wish all young mothers had the opportunity to read this article. You have an understanding of “God” priorities. Love your words and you!

  92. Love this! Taking time to savor your kids when they are growing up is a wonderful thing! Life will change but the fact that you have learned the skill and art of savoring will never go unused! Like God says we have our whole life to “taste and see that the Lord is Good!” It is a huge part of our worship!

  93. Jeremy,
    Thank you for posting this and making it available for me to read! It’s simple to understand and powerful. I am expecting God to do great things when I pray for people. I will be serving in the L.I.F.E. class launch this weekend and I have a new excitement rising up within me! God bless you and Mandy and your precious boys! I love you all and I am blessed by your ministry!
    Love in Christ,
    Charlotte Jones

  94. Good word Jeremy. There are to many so called prophets and the like that say
    “God said” , when what they really had was an impression or inspired thought.
    Steve Thompson used to say to people who quoted the above, or said
    God told me, oh, God appeared to you and spoke in an audible voice?
    It needs to be taught, what the differences are between a sense, and impression,
    A thought in our own head, a picture, a feeling or a scripture that just comes to
    Mind. Speaking in truth and integrity will clear the air of so much falsehood.

  95. It is true. The prophets reward is to see the fullfilment of the prophetic word. And to help others to walk through their prophetic word.
    Thank you for this article.

  96. Shalom, just to say: ‘It was amazing at the Prophetic Conference! The glory of God, His awesome Presence, was so evident… Prophet Jeremy’s teaching and sharing were so down-to-earth but powerful, stirring up the fire of God within us…. the ‘spirit of understanding’ that he prayed over us…. thank you for that… too many of our kids left church as soon as they were old enough, because we lacked a proper understanding of spiritual matters to be able to explain them to our kids… Father have mercy! but thank you for the new thing You are doing’. God bless you Prophet Jeremy…

  97. Jeremy, agree with lot s of what you say. The idea the prophet helps others..and that’s how they see their own word come to past.. Very nice observation..however, to be a prophet, one has to have the audacity of STATE GOd’s inspired revelation…In my case, I offer a revelation (One that 100% sure it did not come from me)… it is TRUE, bcc I SEE how it freaks other ppl out..and what do I reap? 9 out of 10, rejection. And the rejection is not caused by me giving a false Word, rather the opposite….lovely….so where is “my” reward? (If any?) rejection?

    • I believe you’ve misunderstood what I’ve said. The way a prophet sees the word of God toward them come to pass is that they trust and obey the word. The idea of helping others is simply a side thought that once you’ve learned to walk the word out to fulfillment for yourself in your own life, then you are in position to help others learn to walk the word out to fulfillment in their life.

      The main point is that the fulfillment of the word is the reward, and that reward comes as a result of trusting and obeying the word to the point that you act in agreement or in cooperation with what God reveals to you. That’s how the prophet receives the reward of fulfillment.

      The reward isn’t in the response of others, it’s the fulfillment of what God reveals to you and gives you to steward. The response of others has nothing to do with the reward.

      Also, people freaking out or rejecting what we prophesy to them is not a sign of your accuracy at all. We must learn to walk above the rejection we’ve experienced and not prophesy with an expectation of rejection. Then we’ll be able to deliver prophesy in a way that others can receive what they may not even understand.

    • God gives is insight & forsight revelation of his word is obidence…Walk in the word of truth…Then I won’t have to worry about any lies….Your foundation should always be truth

  98. So true. My heart’s desire. Personal experience brings us into a personal love relationship with our Lord. I live to know Him more intimately. As yours and Mandy’s marriage. Just gets sweeter and more precious as you grow together. The more you know the more you love..He is my Beloved and I am His. PTL!! Glory.

  99. This teaching made me realize how much is true that staying loyal to God is what is required of me. Thank you for your teachings.

  100. This is an awesome article! The interesting thing is that I have experienced the presence of God on several of these levels but I never knew there was a name for them. The very thing that prompted me to look this up is that God is omnipresent but when we worship Him in an assembly on one accord His presence is felt more strongly, and the atmosphere is changed. I am well aware that we can encounter God’s presence in the same way individually but at the moment I had church service in mind.
    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I hope that it continue to reach others so that they will be blessed by it too!

  101. Thank you for this, your entire post resonated with me, something broke inside me and there was a sense that God had in the very moment I was reading this affirmed and strengthen me in my calling. Bless you.

  102. This is an excellent teaching on understanding dreams. The information and impartation from it is invaluable. Listen to it more than once.

  103. I came across this today–it was meant to be!! I have been really yearning to learn and start going back and finding a church. I love this article and a few things I’ve read so I am so interested!! I have a calling so strong, I’ve been through a lot and I truly feel God has a plan for me and I want to run with it!!! Thank You and I hope to hear from you to find out where your church is!! Have a Blessed Day!!

  104. Hello Jeremy and Mandy:
    So happy to know you are prospering in your new ministry. This is such a good word on the apostle and prophet. I believe John was the apostle here at Parson’s Rest and River Gate Church and David Barkley, our pastor came alongside as the prophet and continues to lead us into the presence of God. I love you both and pray God’s continued anointing on your lives and ministry.

  105. How exciting cant wait to meet yall I know Rick and Paula Keck and have met Donnie and Jessica Robbins and God has been speaking to me also about whats coming here and to prepare and wow a prophetic culture ohh man I cant wait,Im going to try to come in March to the prophetic event.God bless you and your family, wow!!!!Praise the Lord!!!!

  106. Enjoyed what I have read so far looking to make a prophetic connection with like minded brother. We just finish our book on “Releasing The Seer,s Gift In You” its on amazon. Would love your input. Our ministry is call Living Epistles Minostries.

  107. cooI.So many are hungry and searching for teaching, equipping and training. I’m immediately reminded of the culture Jesus cultivated and commanded. he did those 3 keys and enabled his disciples to reciprocate and signs followed them.. I look forward to what God is doing through this ministry.

  108. Wow, good stuff! Seems like the “experiential” side of it for me is when I go through trials, that’s when His love for me takes on a whole new meaning, a new dimension and depth. My testimony through it becomes something can be shared and even “transferred”. It seems like others can receive an impartation of the depth of love I received, just by receiving (and honoring) what God did for me in the trials and storms…

  109. Many are successful in the kingdom and don’t even know it; yet they yet strive to join the “crowd” and feel rejected when they don’t feel they fit in. God continues to keep them out of the mixture for His purpose. Let us all examine our motives and see if we are pursuing a dream that is apart from God and learn to rest in Him first.

  110. Knowledge about a gift whether given by man or God is so important! We don’t value, nor is the gift useful until we know about it! Thank you for helping us to understand more about this wonderful gift and its usefulness on a real and practical level! I want to know so much more!

  111. Love this Jeremy! I have a friend with the gift that comments on this all the time. She is a brave and faithful woman though who tries to always follow through on what God shows her! I covet more of this gift! God knows what I can and cannot be trusted with! I praise Him for ALL He is to me!

  112. Thanks for that word Jeremy thanks for the challenge to face these next two years outwardly instead of inwardly and to not be complacent.Recently my wife and I were praying before church and we were laid out side by side at the altar area and I saw an angel standing next to and over us and he was sprinkling some kind of dust over us and I asked the Lord what that was and He said hope dust,and I heard the Scripture in Romans 5 And hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost who has been given to us,and so I realized that as we share the love of God we bring or renew others hope as well.Once again thanks for the word and be blessed in Jesus Name!!!

  113. I LOVE that you put pro-life at the top of your list. I get so aggravated by “Christians” who treat abortion as just one of the issues. It’s a matter of life or death! I realize it’s one of many things that a candidate stands for but its one of the most important. To vote for a pro-choice candidate and call yourself a “follower of Christ” is absolutely unbelievable to me!

  114. I like the confidence of KNOWING that we have and can confidently take dominion because of Who GOD is! Therefore the only drama that happens is the change that comes about and the atmosphere of Heaven that pervades! We can call light and healing and love into the situation because God has already provided it! YES!

  115. I am sure the way faith takes action might vary from person to person. The way it worked for me was to choose a promise that seemed to meet a deep need in my heart and to claim it daily choosing to ACT as if it were already true! I asked myself, how would I be living if this were already true in my life? What choices would I make? How would it affect my relationship with God and with others. Then I began to behave as if it were true! Amazing stuff happened! And before long I was able to recognize that indeed the promise HAD come true for me. It didn’t always look like i thought it would when I started but was usually better and heightened my awareness that God had much more in mind for me than I had first thought! Amazing stuff!

  116. I find it fascinating that God used the physical world to teach spiritual truth as if He knew we would connect better with the spiritual that way. After all He created the physical world. His truth is hidden everywhere in the processes of nature and science! But only HE opens our minds to the meanings hidden there as we intentionally seek to understand! In every molecule of our being there lies spiritual understanding. For He leaves nothing without His wondrous touch!

  117. Jeremy, right on! I just went through 6 weeks of grueling major abdominal surgeries, complications, etc. I am now in the process of rebuilding my strength. You have touched the heart of God on this. One of the things I knew immediately in the hospital, I must not have any guile, nothing.. I must see as Christ, I must act as Christ, I must rest in Him and trust Him, and as I faltered, HE sent me worship and prayer warriors, HE sent me Love and Peace through His Saints. He filled me with peace. Love to you and the family. Diana

  118. Wonderful, God has been putting this on my heart. Simplicity…the simplicity of the gospel, the simplicity of walking with Him! Thank you for this post.

  119. The timing of this word was perfect as God always is andI truly ‘lambano’it. Thanks Jeremy for your obedience in sharing God’s message. It blesses me so and I praise God for the increase that you bring to the Kingdom through submission, obedience, and the way you ‘lambano’ the giftings that God has placed in you for such a time as this.