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The royal law is good, but within the new covenant, the better covenant of Christ, we find that it is not good enough. Therefore, we should speak and act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. So what is the difference? If you really fulfill the royal law according to…(Read More)

Some years ago I started identifying the difference between real prophecy and presumption or assumption. But over the past couple of years, I’ve realized I need to add two other things that often masquerade as prophecy: theology and wishful thinking. Here’s the way I see it.   Real prophecy is like the seeds in…(Read More)

The Apostle Paul came to a point in life where he was being told by others, even “through the Spirit,” to not go to Jerusalem. As you probably know, he went anyway. Was Paul right in going? Was he acting full of courage and wisdom, and as he said, “constrained by the Spirit?” Or was…(Read More)

Being Non-Conformist


I’ll say it real plain… Jesus would be asked to step down from ministry today in many places simply because He was being Jesus. Although many people began to flock after Jesus, even into desolate places, many also ended up turning away because He wasn’t trying to impress them and He wasn’t…(Read More)

Church Versus Ekklesia — Jeremy Caris

I have often heard believers say, “The church just needs to be the church!” But actually, that is exactly what we are typically being. We are fulfilling the full substance of what we are declaring. Our words matter. Sometimes we say, “I belong to such-and-such church.” No! You belong to Christ and you…(Read More)

Return To Christ Himself - Caris Ministries | Jeremy Caris & Mandy Caris

When you encounter and surrender to the living Christ, it is like you’re waking up, as if you’re coming alive for the first time. The grass is greener, the air is cleaner, and you become fascinated by the reality, the actuality, of God. You pursue Him, though you don’t know how. You…(Read More)

Prophetic Culture Challenge, Part 2: Prophets Versus Prophesy - Jeremy Caris

Believers who function in the gift of prophecy are not necessarily prophets. Prophets are called by Christ to a greater level of service and responsibility within the body of Christ. There is a fundamental distinction between prophets versus prophecy. Let me state it unequivocally: the gift of prophecy available to all Spirit-filled believers does…(Read More)

Real Unity In The Body Of Christ

I have many strong passions and opinions. They may focus my life and ministry, but they should never become the limiting topic of my personal connection and conversation with God. If I center my life with God on my most important issues instead of on Christ himself, then I will eventually begin to uphold agreement…(Read More)

Rooted In Identity — Jeremy Cairs

You’re not a prophet because of what you do. You are a prophet because it’s who God says you are. It’s identity first and function later. And the function, or anointing, of each particular prophet is uniquely defined by God, shaped by their gifts, and directed by their assignment. God develops prophets…(Read More)