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Freedom From The Fishbowl


I am learning from my travels and from stepping into my new season. There’s a great big beautiful world out there where things are moving and God is breathing in all kinds of spectacular, unlimited ways! Cultural boundaries are being crossed with joy, and it’s benefiting all areas of societal influence. There are leaders that are raising up other leaders to be who they are meant to be and releasing them without jealousy, insecurity, and strife. Seeing this impacted me deeply. Artists are intertwining their creativity, and people are loving each other in such a way that it’s infectious! Very small groups of people are doing HUGE feats for the Kingdom. Large groups of people are full of humility and grace. Churches are reaching out and interacting with many different churches on their own street… working together to truly create change, not just talk about it.

I don’t want to be in and can’t stay in a fishbowl. Thinking that my fishbowl is so much more important than anything else. Thinking I am so elite and important in my fishbowl—making my ultimate goal in life to become the biggest fish in the tank or to swim with the big fishes. Believing that God will move upon my fishbowl and use it in a more “special” or “bigger” way than any other fishbowls out there. This is not a mindset of freedom. It is a mindset of limitations. It’s a mindset of striving to be important; not one of growing into the character and wisdom of Jesus and creating unity. It is bringing others into a place where they are trying to be like everyone else in the fishbowl, producing competitive and insecure people who are swimming in circles, merrily singing as they go along, unaware that there is a beautiful sky above and that they are meant to fly.

The church is blooming and it is free. It’s not meant to be a fishbowl. God’s glory is meant to cover the whole earth and shine so brightly that darkness cannot and will not overcome it.

Mandy Caris

Mandy Caris is a relational leader with strong prophetic insight. She has a unique ability to disarm emotional barriers and guarded hearts while drawing out the giftings and talents of others. She loves art of all forms, but thrives on Holy Spirit inspired creativity. She is intense and passionate about those she loves, but most of all, she is a deep-hearted worshipper and lover of God. She is the proud mother of two growing boys.

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