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I've Never Been Out West - Mandy Caris

I’ve Never Been Out West


I was walking in the city light, after some good food and time with a friend. A cool summer breeze whisked around me, with questioning thoughts swirling in my head. I was in a place that I knew well but I was feeling like a stranger.

I heard the faint sound of music coming from within a brick building with a large square room. I had been there a handful of times to hear a band or two. This music was drawing me in and I knew I had to get closer. I could feel the rhythmic bass and the sound of a fiddle rising and falling. I decided to sneak in the back of the darkened room with my friend to listen.

As I stood in the shadows I found myself feeling the Holy Spirit’s sweet presence fill the space all around me and my heart blurted out the question to him silently.

“What’s next? Because I know transition is on it’s way.”

And then…the girl on stage began singing a clear, sweet song. The fiddle, the banjo, and every instrument began to blend together in a beautiful frenzy. My mind and my spirit became alert, my heart open.

And she sang, ” I’ve never been out west! No I’ve never been out west!”

Over and over she sang.

And the vision came. I saw Texas on a map in front of me. I saw desert mountains, and sunrises and sunsets like I’ve never seen across a big open sky. I began to weep. I’ve never been out west. Then the words to the song suddenly changed. “You’ve never been out west! No you’ve never been out west! But it’s where you are going!”

She sang this with authority from heaven and my whole being resonated with the words. God’s electric presence awakened my soul and set fire to the air, my weeping continued. And I knew. Deep and sure. Out west. It’s where I was going to next. And the question of my heart was answered.

Mandy Caris

Mandy Caris is a relational leader with strong prophetic insight. She has a unique ability to disarm emotional barriers and guarded hearts while drawing out the giftings and talents of others. She loves art of all forms, but thrives on Holy Spirit inspired creativity. She is intense and passionate about those she loves, but most of all, she is a deep-hearted worshipper and lover of God. She is the proud mother of two growing boys.

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