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God is sending us to Texas! He’s been speaking to us about Texas for about a year now, stirring our hearts into a season of major personal transition, and filling us with an expectation for something big as we relocate.

A Seven Year Season

Let me back up for just a moment. Nearly eight years ago, God sent me and my family from Baltimore, MD to Knoxville TN. It was a huge step of faith and trust as we risked everything to follow what we knew God was saying. Almost every time we turned around, the number seven was in our face. We had never experienced such a strong, long-lasting sign previously. For over a year, even into the time that we arrived in Knoxville, the number seven surrounded us constantly. Our house number, voting district number, school district number, and so much more—all sevens. It became so prolific that it was almost absurd—yet it also became impossible to dismiss.

We felt at the time that perhaps God was speaking to us about entering His rest, living in the finished work of Christ, and ministering from a place of rest; leaving our own lives behind and stepping into His plan and calling for our life. All of that proved to be true. And yet, we now realize that it meant so much more. After precisely seven years, He began speaking to us about major transition again: He began speaking to us about Texas.

Launching Forward

At about the eight year mark, we will be relocated to Texas, beginning a new season in our own lives and ministry. We will be stepping in faith into a new thing that is about to gush forth in Texas. We are officially launching Caris Ministries. At the same time, we are launching forward into so much more.

Since God has been stirring our hearts for Texas, we decided to “spy out the land” and see what God might say to us while we were there. During that time, I had an encounter that set our course for the season to come.

An Encounter In Texas

As I worshiped God during a midweek service in southeast Texas, two angels walked up to me from behind. I immediately knew these two angels because I’ve seen them a number of times in the past at key points of personal transition. These angels are named Strength and Courage. God has used these angels to release a strength and courage to me at key seasons in my life, to give me the grace, power, and confidence to step into the next thing.

A couple of months before this encounter, the Lord whispered a phrase to me. He said, “I’m going to fill you up from the boots, up!” Now, I had never owned a pair of boots in my life. One of the early ways God began speaking to me about stepping into our own ministry, about going out boldly into wide open spaces, and about Texas was by giving me a recurring dream and vision. I would see the exact same thing in dreams when I was sleeping and in visions when I was awake—even as I was ministering. In this vision, I would look down at myself and see that I was wearing cowboy boots. That’s it! That’s all there was too it!

At some point between the visions and hearing the phrase, “I’m going to fill you up from the boots, up,” months later, God supernaturally provided me with a pair of cowboy boots that I picked out!

So I’m standing up in worship in southeast Texas, wearing my cowboy boots, and these two angels step up from behind me, one on each side. And suddenly I felt the tangible presence of God flood through my body from the boots, up! I had never felt His presence fill me in that way before, so it was an obvious sign for me personally.

“I’m Giving You Texas!”

I often pray that God would send His angels before us to prepare the way; to open and close doors wherever He sends us. Since I’ve seen these angels multiple times at key points of transition in my life, I immediately felt that we were in the right place. I thought to myself, “Oh boy… we’re really doing this! No turning back now.” Later as I was pondering all of this, I heard the Lord, like a loud booming voice, say two things. First He said, “I’m giving you Texas.” And then He said, “I want you to establish a prophetic culture.”

I have walked out on a limb in faith many times in the past. I’ve followed God when others weren’t very supportive because they weren’t sure I was actually hearing God. I have dared to believe and I’ve seen God move in so many ways. But I’ve rarely had such clear and specific direction from God.

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

God is up to something with us, but it is so much bigger than us. God is up to something big in Texas. I have a deep personal conviction that guides my approach to ministry: I find out what God is doing and then I find a way to cooperate with God. God is doing something big with us, but God is doing something bigger in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas!

As I pray about what God’s doing in Texas I see some key things. There is something fresh and new, hidden from view just below the surface. There are wells of the oil of the Presence of God building up just under the surface. Those wells are about to burst forth. All it’s going to take is a few people with some faith and perseverance digging for the oil of God in Texas.

Hidden Wells

We feel that God is wanting us to be planted in southeast Texas as a family for this next season. There are gushers about to burst forth. There are hidden wells in southeast Texas. As one bursts forth, I see others will begin bursting forth all over the region, and all over the state.

I challenge you to begin asking God about the wells around you. God has kept many wells hidden, filling them until they literally begin to overflow, prepared people to host His Presence, and strategically positioning others to be in the right place at the right time. God is up to something big!

Jeremy Caris

Jeremy Caris is the founder and president of Caris Ministries. Since he is called as a prophet and gifted as a teacher, much of his focus involves equipping believers to hear, know, and follow God in their own daily experience. He teaches the foundational truth of the Word with simple clarity, while revealing deep things of the spirit in practical ways. He has the unique ability to demystify the supernatural side of real relationship with a living God and make it an embraceable and accessible reality for all believers. Jeremy has been married to his best friend, Mandy Caris, for twenty years, and is the proud father of two boys.

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  1. How exciting cant wait to meet yall I know Rick and Paula Keck and have met Donnie and Jessica Robbins and God has been speaking to me also about whats coming here and to prepare and wow a prophetic culture ohh man I cant wait,Im going to try to come in March to the prophetic event.God bless you and your family, wow!!!!Praise the Lord!!!!

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